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Benefits of Swimming

In today’s stressful and fast paced life, it is very easy to neglect yourself and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. However, in order to live an optimum and happy life, it is essential to pay attention to your fitness, health, and overall wellbeing. After all, it has been rightly said that “Health is Wealth”. Introducing a [...]

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6 reasons to start swimming!

Although it seems obvious to habitual swimmers that swimming can be a “rigorous, effective fitness workout, and be fun in the process”, there are many athletes out there who thinks thatswimming pools are strictly for children to play with water. There is also a widely circulated muth that swimming is not an effective form of [...]

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Why is my child so afraid of water?

Not many people are afraid of putting their feet, hands body in water, everywhere else but the face! What is it about the face that makes it seem so vulnerable? Answer: nose, ears, and mouth! The nose is a particularly sensitive part, and sniffing water into the nostrils can be extremely unpleasant - with a [...]

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